(SEO) Search Engine Optimization


What is SEO?:

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. There are so many search engines on the Internet like Google, Bing, Yahoo, duckduckgo, etc. But most of the Internet users are using Google to get their desired results.

Every search engine always tries to provide the best result to the searchers. That’s why they are using so many racking factors to give the best results. When websites follow their rules then search engines rank them.

Why SEO is important?:

Nowadays, you can’t get traffic on your website without doing SEO. There are tons of websites author is trying to rank their websites on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). As a result, there is a huge competition to rank a website.
Many peoples are trying to promote their business via Google and some people are also using Google for their product promotion. End of the day, everyone needs a higher ranking to get their targeted audience.
That is why SEO is very important for every website owner. And day by day SEO’s market is increasing up. 

History of SEO:

Today’s SEO is the result of many years of changes. Which we see mainly through Google. On 6th August 1991, Tim Berners Lee made webpages for the first time. A few years later officially SEO started his journey. But the importance of SEO has increased in 2001.

In January 1994 Jerry Young and Devid Pilow were established Yahoo search engine.  Besides that, they created the Yahoo Directory.

On 4th September 1998, Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Currently, Google is of the leading and major search engine. Google has more than 90% of the total search on the Internet. Along with that, Google has so many products and services.

In 1998 “goto.com” started their sponsor link and paid search. Where had to pay for getting the first position organically. Originally, goto.com worked with Yahoo search engine’s support.

Since then search engines have come to this position with various algorithmic updates. Competitively, Google is currently the best search engine.

Search Engine Basics:

Basically, a search engine is an answering program. Where you can get the solutions to your problems. They refine millions of content from the internet. Then they evaluate these content by using their hundreds of ranking factors. When someone queries on search engine then search engine find the best and right result according to search and present it to the searcher.

And search engines do this by crawling and indexing as much information available on the internet.

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Freelancers have the opportunity to do these 7 types of work:

Nowadays, so many peoples are turning to freelance work. Many are choosing freelancing as a profession. In some sectors, freelancers or freelance workers are employed regularly. Self-employment has increased so much that’s why a majority of people are going towards freelancing career.

The number of freelancers in Bangladesh is also increasing. According to government information, about 7 lakh freelancers are working in the country.

At present, freelance workers are employed in various companies. Corporate organizations are getting a lot of opportunities to work with low-cost specialist staff.

Find out some of the sectors where demand for freelancing work is increasing:

Content Writing:

Many people can write good content. There is a huge demand for staff who can write good quality content in any language including English.

As a professional writer, if you can create good content and describe something well, there are huge opportunities to do well in the freelancing field. Content is needed for every small and large business all over the world.

So there are big opportunities for freelancers in this sectors.

Digital Marketing:

There is a huge demand in the field of digital marketing for startups or entrepreneurial agencies. Many companies are looking for low-cost digital marketers to promote their products or services.


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