Is One Click Root Safe? [All You Need To Know]

is one click root safe

Are you thinking about is one click root safe? There are so many processes to root a smartphone. Few processes you will need a computer and also you can root your smartphone by using a single app. 

Though most of the people are trying to root their smartphone by using a single application. Most of the application is based on one click rooting process. This is why you are thinking about rooting your smartphone by one click root without any computers. 

Do you know, Is one click root safe? Today we will discuss about the safety of one click root. Stay until the end. 

What is one click root

One Click Root is the world one of the most popular android rooting system. With just one click, you’ll be able to root your android smartphone or tablet and have access to many new and exciting features.

Using the One Click Root system, anybody can root their Android phone to unlock all of the advantages listed above. The system is extremely powerful, but it’s also very easy to use. 

How to get one click root apps for free

If you want to root your smartphone you need a one click root app. And it is so simple to get a one click root app for your smartphone. Here it is.

I will show you two different processes to get one click root apps for free. 


  • Go to the
  • Search one click rooting
  • Then visit all the websites that you have found. 
  • And download which one do you need. 


  • Click here to get 12 rooting apps to 
  • Then download the app which one you like. 

After downloading the app, then install it.

Benefits of using One Click Root

One Click Root supports all Android devices starting from android 2.2x to the newest versions. For best support in rooting you can also stay connected with the One Click Root. The opposite benefits of using one click include:

  • It’s easy to root your smartphone. 
  • Remote rooting facility is accessible over a secure team viewer session.
  • You will get all updates about the One click root on their websites.
  • These apps work in single click and they are very user friendly. 
  • Most of the apps are not paid that’s why you can’t get satisfactory customer support.
  • You can instantly unroot your device whenever you want.
  • The whole process can take 2-5 minutes to complete root your device.

Is one click root safe?

is one click root safe

The safety of all rooting apps is often in questions as while rooting, entire access of your devices is given to the source rooting the device which makes them capable of using on your device to the fullest even without your consent.

Thus, before using any source we must always scan it for any virus or malware. Though many Reddit threads discuss the safety of using one click root app. And a user does state that one click root app is extremely safe to use on any of our devices and doesn’t create any problems.

My personal recommendation:

Don’t use a “single click to root” apps on your smartphone, it is not in the least safe for your phone technically. Use a PC to root your phone. Although Kingoroot on PC gives you the simplest choice to root your smartphone. 

But I personally hated this way it installed unwanted apps on my phone without asking you. None of the apps recognized that your phone is rooted. Browse XDA forums for your device-specific rooting methods and keep a backup plan ready if anything goes wrong.

Safest one click root apps

There are so many apps to root your device by single click. Here is the list.

  • vRoot APK [now iRoot APK]
  • Kingoapp APK
  • Framaroot APK
  • Universal Androot APK
  • Easy rooting toolkit (APK) or WeakSauce
  • Towel root apk
  • KingRoot APK
  • One Click Root

You can download all apps from google play store/apple apps store.


This is all about “is one click root safe”. Actually one click rooting system can makes or breaks your devices. So if you are thinking to root your devices then I will say you should root your devices by Computer. 

If you don’t know how to root a smartphone by the computer then check it out.

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