How To Become Anonymous Online (Step By Step)

how to become anonymous online

Hi, The objective of this article is to discuss the tools and techniques about how to become anonymous online. However, the objective of writing this article is to summarize all these other things tools and techniques that you can use to achieve the anonymous status in 2020.

So these are the topics that we will cover the basic foundation or the intro of the anonymity the tools or techniques, for example, the VPN, TOR, Whonix, Tails, and the difference between them.

The drawbacks of each and the advantages of each you know tools and technique.

What is Anonymity?

There is nothing wrong to be anonymous and controlling your privacy if you are doing legitimate business. There are mean several ways to do this. Let’s start with the VPN first.

how to Become anonymous online by VPN


Okay, so you might have heard the term VPN before. VPN is the stand for the Virtual private network. It is a technology that allows you to connect to one or more computers by using a private network from the public internet connection.

Your IP is just like your home address and you use your IP assigned by the ISP to connect with the other servers for computers available from the internet or online.

What VPN does, VPN masks your IP with the one assigned by them by the VPN service provider. They’ll mask your IP with their own and then they will allow you to browse the Internet or make the connections between your machine to the class to the machine server-side so this is the working of a VPN.

Working of VPN

Think about it. You want to communicate with a server you want to open a website. let’s say What you will do you will open your browser and hit the IP or the domain name what it does?

The data travels through the local network to the Internet or public network, and from the public network or Internet, it reaches the server end or the destination end and then through the destination and the server responds with the web page.

A similar thing goes with the chatting or any other way of communication like sending files video calling or whatever you do on the Internet.

If you do not use a VPN and then it goes like that. But if you use a VPN then a VPN client hit the VPN server first and then the VPN server marks to your IP your V’s the user IP with an IP of their own.

Let’s suppose if you want to change your location to somewhere else -Germany – UK or USA the VPN service provider assigns that IP of their own.

They own that particular IP the own that location server and then once you you have been assigned the IP your data packets hit the destinations server.

The destination server thinks that somewhere from the USA or the other location want to visit our website. Then the server responds back and then the VPN services server handles these.

So this is how the VPN marks your IP or this is how the VPN works.

Drawbacks of VPN

There are several drawbacks of the VPN as well. Let’s see, for any user VPN might be an easy setup since you just need to download your VPN application and install it on your device.

But it has the drawback of being monitored by the VPN service providers. As they allow to use their private servers in exchange for your data.

There have been cases where VPN service providers are monitoring the data from their users for their benefits. In that way, your communication is not all private but be monitored by a VPN provider.

So this is the drawback of a VPN you can hide your identity. But the VPN server provider can monitor what you are doing online, what type of websites you are visiting, what type of data you are transferring.

So not completely anonymous.

Become anonymous by TOR


We are moving towards another amazing technology called TOR, TOR also called The Onion Router. It is a free and open-source software for enabling anonymous communication.

It is designed to stop people from tracking your browsing habits including government agencies and corporations. The Onion Router refers to the way that to protects your data by wrapping it into multiple layers of encryption like an onion.

Working of TOR

So this is the typical working of a TOR browser. If you install a tor browser then your TOR browser X as a TOR client. whenever you hit a particular IP or a particular destination or your TOR browser it goes encrypted TOR network.

However, there is an unencrypted signal to the destination server. The destination server does not know these send an IP or send a real location.

Because every time whenever you visit a particular web site every time, TOR assigns you a new IP. Because communication goes something like this.

There are several thousand servers available over the internet that are part of the TOR network and act as an exit relay. How it works it is just like simple tor browser routes all the web traffic to the Tor network.

This is the typical Network and it makes unable to reveal your own identity as the image shows tour consists of three-layer proxy layers like of an onion.

At first TOR browser connects at random to one of publicly-listed and regards bounces thought traffic through our randomly selected middle relay. But is it beings being selected even this particular relay doesn’t know about the middle relay.

Whenever at all our transfer information happens this middle relation it being selected randomly. And finally, the traffic directed that you know the traffic through the third and final exit relay.

So this is how TOR protects the privacy or ensures the anonymity of a user.

Drawbacks of TOR

Let’s discuss the drawback of TOR. Your ISP (Internet service provider) can see that you are using tor. However, the ISP can not see the activities you are doing on the TOR network but is still it the highest peak and raise an alarm situation or the ISP thinks that you are doing something suspicious.

Another disadvantage of using the TOR browser is that or not all your traffic or not all your communication is hidden. For example, only the websites or only the traffic, only the communication that you will do on the TOR browser is encrypted by the tor network.

While other applications for example, if you are using Skype or any other software the data was not being the data, will not be encrypted using the TOR network.

Because you have installed the TOR client to use the Tor network.

Become anonymous by WHONIX


Now we have WHONIX. It is one of my favorite and amazing Linux distribution based on Debian. It is used to provide anonymity privacy and security while browsing the internet.

It consists of two main components. The first component is the connects workstation. It is actually the desktop machine that uses all the textual applications.

For example, web browsers, chatting software, etc. While the second component of this connects system is WHONIX getaway. It is the only way for the WHONIX workstation to communicate with the outside world through the internet.

Working of WHONIX

We will see the concept in the working phenomena structure of the whonix. Both components in the whonix structure the whonix workstation. And whonix gateway is the VirtualBox, virtual machine appliances.

So it runs on any operating system that has a VirtualBox. For example Windows host machine, the Linux host, Mac OS or whatever the operating system you use.

But you need to install the whonix in a VirtualBox. Virtual setup at first virtual whonix workstation and gateway are configured for host machine workstation consists.

As I said that the desktop application routes of all its traffic to the Gateway which is connected to the workstation that is whonix gateway.

Now Gateway is further connected with the TOR network for accessing the internet connects. Gateway is the only way for the workstation to transmit the information.

Through the internet, because the workstation is an isolated machine and there’s no idea about its own host IP and configuration. You can even see in the picture that this network workstation is our typical isolated machine.

It does not know the actual IP of this host machine it can only communicate to the Internet by using its own gateway. That is connected with the Tor network as you can see in the picture.

That all the traffic that goes through the Gateway is terrifying. However, the host machine does not participate in the whonix private networks. And that is why it continues to use its normal internet connection.

Hence the traffic is notified it is a huge advantage of isolating the workstation from a network to keep an IP address private. Even if any applications a whonix workstation is compromised it is almost impossible to reveal your IP address.

Because it does not know your IP this is how the whonix works. it has two components workstation, gateway; workstation is the desktop that contains all the applications. It is an isolated machine.

This gateway is connected with the workstation get me is the only way to access the Internet and it uses the TOR network. It has everything being storified in the WHONIX power station.

Drawbacks of WHONIX

Although WHONIX provides transparency of your IP address it has the unnoticeable disadvantage in terms of physical security. If your host machine is ever compromised, all the stored personal information and your internet browsing activity could also be discovered easily. So this is the only disadvantage of using the tool.

Think that if someone gets access to your PC your laptop your main Mac OS then these someone can see that you are using connects for whatever the purpose.

Become anonymous by Tails


Now we are going to discuss tails. It is another amazing concept. And it is the life system based on the Debian-basedLinux operating system with the aim top provide anonymity and privacy.

If your goal is to leave no trace of your activity on MN the host machine, then yous should use tails rather than WHONIX. You can start tails OS on almost any computer from a USB device or even a DVD.

Tail cent is to tell tales just like WHONIX also uses the advantage of the TOR network to communicate with the internet. However it leaves not race on the system you are using a live system that does not create the history, does not even save any file or folder or anything.

Live means it runs on a USB device all you have to do is to download the live operating system. Write it on a USB and then just simply plugin into a machine, into a laptop PC or Mac.

And then are put it to use the live tails operating system that uses the TOR network to connect with the internet. The portability of this tails OS solves the major drawback of the WHONIX operating system.

Because it leaves not races on the host machine at all. So this is the typical working of the tails and WHONIX.

And the winner is?

Who’s the winner? The question is what do you think the best tool or technique on how to become anonymous online. Well if you want to achieve the complete anonymous status or anonymity online then of core tail is the clear winner with all the advantages or the other technology.

However, it depends on your usage as well I would personally prefer WHONIX. If you don’t have any risk to be caught physically, obviously this article is for educational purposes only.

We don’t recommend or we don’t encourage you to use all you to involve in any illegal activity. However yes it is you to judge the best platform or best technology to stay anonymous.

I have compared all, for example, the VPN. The TOR concept is amazing but using the TOR browser only. It’s not this complete solution you can use WHONIX or tail to become anonymous online.

So this is it if the concept of the tools and techniques to become anonymous. So if we have discussed the technique and the tools that can be used to be anonymous online.

And the next level we do you can see the link down below or above that I have practically shown you how to configure the WHONIX and tails so see you in this article.

Take care 🙂