Top 5 Best Gadgets For YouTubers [Must-Have]

Best Gadgets For YouTubers

“Best gadgets for YouTubers” is one of the most asking query from so many YouTubers all over the world. If you have a Youtube channel or planning to join on youtube for the very first time then you will need some best gadgets to make content for your youtube channel.

To shoot professional-quality videos you will need some cool gadgets. By uploading these quality videos you can get a huge audience to your youtube channel. And these also help you to gain lots of subscribers and get views.

At this time lots of people are starting their career as YouTubers. And they are earning a good amount of money by running a youtube channel.

For the very first time when someone tries to start their youtube journey, they face so much trouble with making content. Though every successful YouTubers have faced these problems.

To grow your YouTube channel in a short time you will need to upload some quality videos that will help your audience what they needed. Suppose you made a content that has no quality video with poor sound quality then you have uploaded this video on your channel. It might be the worst.

When someone will watch your poor videos then you can lose your subscribers. And you will not able to gain an audience that you are expected. If you are serious about youtube career then you have to take it seriously and you have to do all work professionally.

If you think this is a business then you have to learn how to do invest. Then you can be able to invest a few bucks to start your youtube journey. Some people start their journey by only using a smartphone.  But you have to very patient in this way.

Finally, every Youtubers need a few gadgets to make quality content. And today in this article we will discuss about some best gadgets for YouTubers.

5 Best Gadgets For Youtubers



In this article, you have listed 10 gadgets that every YouTuber must-have. Some people may not know what is gadgets? Ok, according to WikipediaA gadget is a small tool such as a machine that has a particular function, but is often thought of as a novelty. Gadgets are sometimes referred to as gizmos.

And let’s cover the full list of gadgets for Youtubers.

1. Camera

First thing first, if you are making videos and show your face or planning to do face came then you must need a good quality camera.  If you have a good quality camera then you can be able to create some stunning video for your youtube channel.

Cameras for youtubers

Choosing a camera to buy a little bit tough. Although there are so many instructions or reviews on the internet. And these reviews will help you to get a camera in your budget.

5 Best Cameras for YouTubers


  • Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III: This camera is made for youtube live streaming. if you are making vlogs for your channel then it would be a better option. See the price on Amazon.
  • Sony RX100 Mark VII: If you are a travel vlogger or planning to do travel vlogging then this camera will help you a lot. It has excellent continuous autofocus. Check the price on Amazon.
  • GoPro Hero7 Black: This is one type of action camera. It has a very tiny body with only a 2-inch screen. If you have a tight budget then you can go with it. Check the price on Amazon.
  • DJI Osmo Action: It is also a small camera like GoPro Hero7 Black with a 2.2-inch touch screen. It was specially designed as waterproof. Check the price on Amazon.
  • Sony A6600: Most of the YouTubers use this camera for its battery life. If you shoot videos for a long while then you will get some extra moments to shoot some stunning shots. Check the price on Amazon.

2. Tripod

Holding the camera for a long time with the same position is very difficult. If you hold the camera in your hands for a long time and take shots then you may produce some unstable videos. To solve this problem you just need a tripod.

Tripods for youtubers

There are so many tripods in the markets, hand-held tripod, tabletop tripod, full-length tripods(professional tripod). Then you can choose one of them whatever you need.

Normally a professional tripod is strong enough to get all pressure. Most of the tripods are adjustable that you can adjust the tripod how much you need.

5 Best Tripods For Youtubers


  • Geekoto 77″ Aluminum Tripod with 360 Degree Ball Head: This tripod is affordable, flexible, and very lightweight. It has a 360-degree ball head that is so smooth. You can use it in your travel vlogs or any other work. Check the price.
  • ZoMei Z818 Magnesium Aluminum Travel Tripod: ZoMei Z818 is a lightweight tripod for travel vlog YouTubers under the 100 bucks. It has so many colors such as golden, blue, silver-gray, and black. It is easy to use and easy to setup. Check the price.
  • Manfrotto Mini Tripod: It is one kinda small tripod for YouTubers. Manfrotto mini is easy to quickly set up. If you are a gamer and stream every day with a webcam then this tripod is for you. Check the price.
  • Manfrotto Tripod Kit MHXPRO-2W Fluid Head: To produce high-quality cinematic video then this tripod will help you. It has a fluid head that provides buttery footage. Has a strong aluminum body. So many of YouTuber’s first choices it is. Check the price. 
  • Manfrotto 504HD, 546BK Video Tripod Kit: This tripod is a little bit expensive than others. Are you thinking about investing to buy a tripod then it would be a good option. It has a ball bearing dragging system. Check the price.


3. Gimbal

If you are making vlogs or want to make for your youtube channel then gimble is a must-have gadget. It is specially made for vloggers who used to shoot outdoors.

gimbal for youtubers

Some people may not know what is the gimbal. Ok, a gimbal is one kind of gadget that uses a motor, a sensor to stabilize the camera and reducing the shake of movement.

Gimbal has a crazy physics theory. It tracks the camera movement with shakiness then it makes a smooth movement to reduce the shakiness and provides high-quality videos. This one of the best gadgets for YouTubers.

5 Best Gimbals For Youtubers


  • Zhiyun Smooth 4 (Mobile): This gimbal is made for smartphones. It fits all most every size of smartphones. If you have no camera and you are making videos for your youtube channel by using a smartphone then Zhiyun Smooth 4 would be a better choice. Check the price.
  • Feiyu G6 (GoPro): You can use a smartphone or camera on this gimbal. It has a reasonable price. If you want a cheap, and easy to use gimbals then Feiyu G6 (GoPro) would be a better option. Check the price.
  • ZhiYun Crane-M2: This gimbal has incredible battery life. You will get around 18 hours of battery life. You can charge your smartphone while you are shooting outside. Check the price.
  • Feiyu AK2000: It has a tiny touchscreen with tons of functions. It fits with lots of camera models with a medium lens kit. It provides 12 hours of battery life. It also has a great stabilization system. Check the price.
  • DJI Ronin-S: This gadget has a remote camera control system for a verity of cameras. It has a ton of features. It is great at reducing stabilization. Its probably the best selling gimbal on the market. Check the price.


4. Microphone

Evey good quality videos must have quality audio. And to record great or fresh audio you need a good Microphone. If you are making videos with your own voice-over for your youtube channel then you have to use a good quality Microphone. And it is a must-have gadget for every YouTuber.

Microphone for youtubers

Choosing the best microphone for YouTube depends on what type of video are you making. If you want to produce some stunning content for your YouTube audience than you can’t ignore this gadget or accessory.

5 Best Microphone For Youtubers


  • Rode NT-USB: Rode NT-USB is a great microphone with a USB connection for easy plug and play use. It has a little tripod that works to keep the noise level down. Great sound quality and its probably the best YouTube microphone under 200 $. Check price. 
  • Blue Yeti: Blue Yeti is the most favorite mic among YouTubers all over the world. It has a really great sound quality with tons of features at this price. It includes a mute button, headphone jack, gain control, and more. Check price.
  • Blue Snowball: Blue Snowball is called the little brother of Blue Yeti. It is a USB microphone, especially for YouTubers. There are two different models on the market. Check price.
  • Rode Procaster: If you are making podcasts on YouTube then Rode Procaster would work well. It has an internal pop filter to reduce vibration and handling noise. It is so easier to adjust this to the right position. Check price.
  • Rode SmartLav+: If you want to record your audio with a smartphone then Rode SamartLav+ is for you. You have to just plug into your phone and start recording. If you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars then you can go for it. Check the price. 


5. Laptop

Just tell me, if you don’t have a laptop how will you manage your YouTuber channel? How will you upload your videos? Nowadays few people are managing their YouTube by just a smartphone. But it is so difficult. You have to edit your video like a professional. And that’s why you must need a laptop.

laptop for youtubers

It is not only a laptop it can be a replacement with a PC. Having a good configuration computer you will be able to handle so many extreme video editing software. That is will help you to make a better video for your YouTube audience. And the laptop is one of the must-have best gadgets for YouTubers.

5 Best Laptops For YouTubers


  • MacBook Pro Laptop Apple 15 inch: It has intel core i7 with 2.2 GHz. It also has a 720p facetime HD webcam. It has a touch control panel with a backlight keyboard. Battery life is 9 hours. More to know click here. 
  • Best Microsoft Surface Book 2 update: Get amazing performance and impressive graphics with this one. It has 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage space. You will edit your YouTube videos on this laptop easily and fast. More to know click here.
  • Youtuber Best Laptop Apple MacBook Air: The features of this laptop: Intel Core i5, Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 6000, RAM: 8GB, Screen: 13-inch, Storage: 256GB+ SSD. These types of laptops are more capable but they are more expensive. More to know click here.
  • HP Pavilion 15 ( IPS Touchscreen Full HD ): This is one of the best laptop to create YouTube videos. The features of this laptop: Ram:8GB, CPU: Core i5, Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 940MX. (1920 x 1080) IPS touch screen, 8GHz Intel i58250U. This HP Pavilion 15 Laptop Screen size: 25.2 x 37.8. More to know click here. 
  • Dell XPS 15 Best Traditional Laptop: It is the most powerful laptop for Youtubers. It built with 15.6 inches of the smallest laptop in the world. The unlimited screen maximizes screen space by a 15.6-inch screen inside a laptop closer to 14 inches, it’s only a 5.7 mm frame. More to know click here.



To make a professional YouTube studio you will need tons of Gadgets and accessories. Those are available in the market. In this article, you have covered 5 best gadgets for YouTubers and these were must-have gadgets.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this topic please don’t forget to leave a comment. If you think this article would be useful for your other YouTube friends then share this in your social media.

Good luck with your YouTube journey.

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