Will The Ballon d’Or Be In Messi’s Hand?

Will The Ballon d'Or Be In Messi's Hand? 2

Tomorrow the Ballon d’Or will be awarded in Paris. Who will win this Player of the year award? There is a lot of speculation and imagination going on. Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde is not looking this thing as hard. Valverde seeing right now who will be awarded. Who else but Lionel Messi?

Such in the thought of Valverde. The Barca coach can see the 6th Ballon d’Or trophy in Messi’s hand. He seems that Leo Messi is the Best of the Year and Best ever. Barcelona will face Athletico Madrid tonight in Laliga.

Earlier, In response to a question about Ballon d’Or at a press conference, Valverde said that” I don’t watch these award-giving events. Because they take a long time. I also voted for the person you voted for. To vote for the best, let us give Messi. Then the problem is solved.”

For this award, France Football has created a list of 30 players. Lionel Messi, VVD, Cristiano Ronaldo are in the final three. 180 football news staffs will vote to select Player of the year.  Captains and Coaches will also vote. Most of the analysts put Messi ahead. The 32-year-old star has given Barcelona the title with 36 goals in Laliga last season.

But the Liverpool coach Klopp looks at this issue a little differently. He said that” If you want to hand over the Ballon d’Or to the best player of this generation, it should be always given to Messi. But if you want to give last season’s best player, that will VVD. I don’t know what will happen. To me, that is the case.

Last night VVD scored 2 goals against Brighton and Liverpool won by 2-1 goals. The Dutch defender was the key to Liverpool’s Champion League win in the last season. In the meantime, VVD has made himself one of the best center back in the world.

Meanwhile ‘Mundo Deportivo’ said Ronaldo won’t attend the Ballon d’Or function. Because Ronaldo already knows Messi wins the prize then VVD and he has to be third.

Which he always does 😉

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